Agricultural Analytics and Modeling

About Us

Myra Analytics was founded by farmers, engineers and food scientists disappointed with current agricultural analytical tools and with an interest in streamlining day-to-day operations. Problem solvers by nature and passionate about food and agricultural products, our belief is that the gap between producers and consumers is increasing and everyone deserves to make informed decisions regarding their food choice. The producers’ pride should shine through the packaging in stores rather than being buried under an opaque brand.

As a company we place great value on getting the details right. This ensures consistent operations, that everything runs as smoothly as possible and to preempt issues. At Myra, we strive to demonstrate the quality of a product by promoting the data and stories about the care taken into its production and the stewardship of the land.

Data Backed Traceability

Myra has been involved in several food traceability programs focused on supporting food safety, quality assurance and logistical efficiency. These projects were beneficial not only for our clients but also for their customers as they were able to know exactly where their products came from and the care taken in growing them. This also helped establish a better link between retailers and consumers through the use of social media, allowing for vital feedback to the producers.

Agricultural Ontology Development

With over 25 years of combined ontological development experience, Myra’ staff is capable of modelling complex supply chains and processes allowing for better regulatory compliance documentation, interoperability with other partners and precise reporting on company operations.

As ontologies are complex knowledge repositories that bridge both machine and human readable data, they allow for greater connectivity and make data transfer and transformations less of a hassle. This allows for your system to be streamlined while at the same time able to handle complexities such as multilingual and multicultural semantics, which will allow your company to connect with different cultures and markets.

Machine Readable, Human Understandable

Redundant forms, multiple applications and mandatory reporting requirements are time consuming and, at times, frustrating realities of day to day business. Myra creates data pathways that make the transferral of data headache-free. This includes form filling, application integration, field sensors and automated document filing.

We focus on building systems and services that solve ongoing problems and that free up time to do the important and interesting tasks of your business than data maintenance. Work should be fun. Enjoy it.


Myra is staffed by engineers, scientists and an agronomist with an interest in worthwhile projects, born out of a concern with the offerings currently available. An eclectic group with a variety of backgrounds, we are well equipped to provide traceability services, from family-operated agricultural enterprises to industrial food processing plants.

We take data privacy seriously at Myra. Our customers retain ownership over their own information and control in what circumstances their data is released and to whom. We like to think that openness is the way to go most of the time but not all of the time; we give our customer the ability to decide how much data to share according to the context of the downstream traceability flow.